#4 Ups and downs

I've been able to maintain a fairly high motivation on my mini project but there's been some setbacks as well. What I am most proud of is my diet as I have only had one sweet snack a week during the past two weeks. It is affecting my energy levels somewhat but I guess that is normal. My weight hasn't decreased that much though and it is hovering around 85kg.

One of the set back was not being able to train judo on Saturday last week due to a Aikido seminar at the judo club I didn't know of. Had to go to the gym instead and running felt like shit which is not good news regarding my 3000meter target in Cooper's test. I was also planning to go test my current running shape at Esport Arena where they have a good in-door 400 meter track on Sunday but my legs were killing me so I couldn't go.

Today was a day of rest but tomorrow it is back to the grinder.

Today's night snack

As a sidenote, I'm trying to put together a quick look to one specific grip that Roger Gracie uses to excerpt pressure against open guard on top. Hopefully I get it ready in a week or two.

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