Putting techniques together (The Lo guard)

What has been taking the most thought for me throughout the years has always been connecting techniques and creating "games". Even as little as five years ago many instructionals or classes were quite unstructured so you had to figure out how to combine things for yourself. One day you were taught a sweep that worked in combination with some other technique shown 6 months later. This meant you either had to have good notes or an elephant's memory. Today the situation is better, especially with sites like MGinaction.com offering you a complete game to imitate.

However, one of the more interesting new guards has never been presented as a system. I am of course talking about Leandro Lo's De La Spider guard that BJJ Scout introduced us to. It is probably due to Leandro usually getting by with one or two sweeps in competition. This means a lot of guys at our academy use the De La Spider basic sweep only as an isolated technique which is never quite optimal. I recently started looking at different options and came up with my approach for a more complete Spider DLR game that I present on the video below.

Putting pieces together for De La Spider -video

Connecting techniques is something the Mendes brothers also emphasize in their teaching as you can hear from Gui Mendes himself:


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