# 5 Testing fitness levels

The project is slowly but surely moving ahead. I've cut roughly 80% of everything sweet from my diet. Next in line might be reducing my beer intake. The weight is still hovering around 85kg but training seems to be going good.

Anyways, I spent this weekend with my wife at wellness resort Långvik just relaxing. Besides jacuzzis, they had a really cool spa section where I could do hot-cold treatment on my twisted right foot.

I also did a check on how many chin ups I can do if I need to do at least 10 to be in acceptable shape. Chin ups have always been difficult for me which was part of the reason I chose them as a development area. Anyways, I found a chin up bar on a forest trail and decided to give it a go. I managed to do seven, which was alright I guess. 3 more to go at least.

The unforgiving and slippery chin up bar in the woods:

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