Stand up training again, figuring out getting the angle for Uchi Mata

My interest in Judo is soaring again and one technique I've been looking at a lot is the Uchi Mata. This might partly be because Roger Gracie is using it frequently with the high grip. My legs also seem long enough for it and I seem to not suck at it as much as with many ofter takedowns.

What helped me tremendously to learn Ko Uchi Gari to Morote Seio was figuring out the angle trigger = when is opponent in the right angle for the throw.

For Uchi Mata, I was a bit lost with the set ups but our resident judoka showed me this very basic way to get the same angle that I get for Morote with the Ko Uchi. It is just a simple pull in a circular motion, which does the same trick.

Also I might have figured out that if we are moving to my left I should throw to my right and vice versa perhaps

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