#3 First week of better diet behind me

First week for competition project has been all about breaking my cycle of sugar cravings. For 6 days, I didn't eat anything sweet but on Saturday I had a Snickers bar. I have been also reducing the amount of fast food somewhat. I would love to go crazy in the beginning but my wife who is a nutritionist insists that I keep a steady pace for the next 6 months and look to change things permanently as well.

Today, I finally got batteries for my scale to keep up with possible progress. I also got some good breakfast ingredients (fruit, berries, sugar-free yoghurt) that I will definitely need during the week.

Today's lunch was no treat however…

Things I've noticed so far about eating healthy:

  • Getting some numbers on the table (body composition) definitely helps
  • I need to have good foods always around in the fridge to avoid bad stuff. As my wife puts it, it is more about what you add instead of what you leave out in the beginning
  • Sometimes I need to put diet before training if I feel I can't do both. For my success in Worlds 2015, the diet is more important at this stage. I can't prioritise everything
  • I shouldn't stress too much at work
  • I should sleep at least seven and a half hours a night to avoid my cravings

Also, I have to keep in mind that watching jiu jitsu events like Metamoris (Sakuraba vs Gracie last night) is not going to make me a better competitor and I should just sleep instead. Anyways, I'm off to training...

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