#1 Project Mundials 2015 started

Two days ago I started my project for the 2015 Mundials or Jiu Jitsu World Championships with my Swiss friend Sebi. I booked my flights and decided to try my best to be competitive. It has been two and a half years since I last competed there in the medium heavy purple belt category and back then I was a fresh purple belt who just wanted to attend a big competition.

Today, I am still a purple belt who tends to compete in the medium heavy division. What I have going for me this time around is:
  1. My technique is considerably better than last time around, especially in the takedown department
  2. I also have more competition experience and wins at purple belt including a silver at an IBJJF competition
This is where the positives end unfortunately. The biggest negative by far is the current physical shape I am in. It is in no way worse than the shape I was in the last time I did the Mundials but to be competitive, I need to do something about it.

The first step was to figure out in how much I need to improve this aspect, so I took an InBody body composition test. I've been told that this tends to be one of the more accurate test and it didn't cost much.

The results were pretty much what I expected unfortunately:
  • Weight a little over 86kg
  • % of body fat over 20%
  • Muscle mass is also above standard deviation, especially in my arms
  • Right leg clearly has less muscle mass than my right leg
For my ideal weight of 80kg I need to drop my % of body fat slightly below 15%, which is a completely normal percentage for men, not too skinny in the least. This means that middle weight should be in my reach with some fairly basic diet adjustments. I just need to cut 1kg a month at a steady rate.

So the first target is as follows:
  1. Weight at 80kg in May 2015 without significant muscle mass reduction

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