Takedown combinations and worlds 2015

I was taking a judo class yesterday and I realised what has often been missing in my bjj takedown training and a good focus on combinations. We drill individual takedowns, grip fight and even spar standing a lot but who can name 5 throw combinations? I guess the same goes for wrestling techniques as not many bjjers figure out to switch from double to knee tap for example or fireman's carry to kouchi gake.

I will be posting some basic combos here which I am taught in class. I guess on of the most basic is ko uchi to seio nage

First just the ko uchi

The combo

I also agreed to go and compete in the worlds next year with Sebi. Before this I will have to get my weight down to 82,3 kg and continue to improve my takedowns and passing. This is all in the plan of not pulling guard anymore and specialising in top game in a world full of guard pullers.

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