Training frequency up from last year

I just wanted to check my log how my training has started for 2014 and it seems I am doing ok. Until March 8th this year I've had 43 training sessions when last year I had 38. Nice! It's almost exactly 4,5 times a week and I am not counting the beginner's class I am teaching every Wednesday.

What is also working out is that I am training a lot of nogi and nogi takedowns. This is definitely the area that has been improving the most for me. I am still going to do at least one nogi competition this year but don't know when.

What is not so nice, is that I am doing almost zero leg locks apart from a few knee bar entries from half guard top. I just feel really cheap going after them in training. I tend to feel that they are not "honest" submissions whale rolling but when it comes to competition, I definitely wish I had better leg locks. At least I should train them if I am going to compete at brown belt one day. I guess this issue is fairly common but I don't feel the same about wrist locks for example which is weird.

Though about getting this app to get me to focus more on attacking the legs:

Legal leg locks app for Android

I am considering starting using some pre-workout stimulant for my training sessions. It has been tough at work and sometimes I feel really drained when I go train. This might hinder me getting all I could out of it. My roommate in Brazil had some crazy night protein from Musclepharm (lame UFC brand) and apparently they carry this pre-work supplement called Assault which I might try. The Assault comes in pretty ridiculous flavours such as "Blue Arctic Blueberry", "Raspberry lemonade" and "Fruit punch" which suits me just fine.

What I have to share is also that I picked up a new defensive technique to my arsenal. I rarely pick up any new stuff anymore so it is always noteworthy. It is a not so simple North South kimura escape that takes care of the arm bar option as well. I'll film it for the blog when I get better at it

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