High level rolling and body breaking down

Intensive training is continuing here in Rio. We just had the best class in a while when Victor Genovesi (Mundial brown belt champion, now a black belt) run a midday class for a small number of people including Sebi and I. Usually there can be close to 30 students on midday alone so this was nice.

The class started with De La Riva to single leg guard sweep drills. Each of us drilled the technique on our partner for 5 minutes and then switched. There were 3 variations around using the far sleeve to sweep or the lapel in case you lost the sleeve. I have poor videos of these for myself which I will post here as well.

After this it was rolling for 5 times 8 minutes. I went 3 rounds with Victor which was really tough as my body has felt better. Sebi managed to film to roll where I suck the most

Here are some other "rolls" of Victor

Him beating Gianni Grippo:


It is really demanding on the body to suddendly increase the training load so much. Luckily my roommate has stacks of glucosamine, protein and fish oil. I also like to add some protein to the local juices or "sucos" here.

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