First days training at Alliance Rio

Along with all the other activities we trained twice a day for the first couple of days here in Rio. We did the competition classes at one and the night intermediate classes at 7.30. The new Alliance academy has just opened and it is probably the best facility in Rio or at least that is what all the locals say here. The most significant thing is that it has proper air conditioining

The professors here oftentimes pair you up. Which in my case meant that I do not get get any easy rolls. There are some athletes here sponsored by Alliance that really train hard so you need to prepare yourself for a beating. Here is my friend Sebi taking a friendly beating from a world class purple

Supplements to help with the recovery are expensive so I have mostly opted for eating acai and things that just generally taste good here. I highly recommend Bibi Sucos for snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My favourite breakfast (protein added to acai)

My lunch (same place)

Brazil has some healthy options as well (in Leblon)

 Waiting for my addition to the black belt world champ wall

Chilling at the beach between training sessions:

Although I have mostly out here for some good sparring I have to say we did a sweet concept drill that stuck with me. It was all about maintaining sitting guard against pant grip toreanda and sweeping from it whether the guy is standing or down on his knees. The movement was to simply stiff arm him on the side he was trying to pass to and opening up his elbow from the other side allowing for a hook sweep either on the ankle or higher if he is sitting down. I will go through this next time I will be teaching.


  1. I wanted to find out what the address for alliance was? I can't seem to find it online. Thanks

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  3. I believe it is Rua Albero Rangel which is a very small street

  4. Thanks! Would you recommend this gym to to train at for a few months? Or would Checkmate be a better option?

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