Arriving in Rio and the first day here

Got lucky and was upgraded to business class for my flight from London to Rio. This means I got a decent rest on the plane. Also had a taxi booked and waiting for me so everything went smooth on arrival.

Sunday was spent mostly  recovering from the trip at the Connection Rio house and the beach at Barra Da Tijuca. There are almost 20 guys staying at the house all looking to train. It can be chaotic and messy at times but it does not bother me much. In fact, I slept like a baby.

We did no training on Sunday. Some guys wanted to go and see Cristo Rei (the big Jesus) but we stayed cool and said no. I am here to chill, not to walk to sights.

Our clothes mostly consist of gis

There were monkeys on the yard but I could not get them to pose

Barra Beach near Posto 2.

A nice Sunday on the beach

Apparently the Formula1 driver is still alive and teaching jiu jitsu


 My Austrian roommate is trying to be cool but he can not help himself being almost German and preparing for everything. This means he has brought everything including his favourite candy from his childhood.

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