Wrapping up 2013 and resolutions for 2014

As the year is drawing to a close, people and especially jiu jitsu practitioners are making plans and resolutions for the coming year in terms of training, competition, diet etc. Last year my big decision was to start a training log an how much I train and what I train. I don't want to post any stats yet because the year is not done yet but it looks like I will be arriving at roughly 215 trainng sessions in 2013. This averages 4,1 session a week which is pretty decent but could be higher. One excuse I can use is that I don't take into account the basic classes I teach.

What I was able to get better at in 2013:

- Berimbolo (did not want this to happen but it did)
- Takedowns/Wrestling (more time put to this than before)
- Reverse DLR (a lot of time spent here)

So, I figured out what to focus on in 2014 also:

- Wrestling at least once a week (I had a pretty solid year in terms of training wrestling/stand up in 2013, but I want to continue on that as I am getting confident on my feet)
- Leg locks, especially the knee bar since hardly anyone is "immune" to this (This is the other aspect in addition to wrestling I want to get better in before reaching brown belt one day. I don't want to be the guy who gets his brown and starts getting leg locked from everywhere. I am going to look at what Buchecha and Dean Lister are doing for this)
- Do at least one nogi competition (Could be adcc or nogi rules. This is a nice and concrete goal which forces me to train smart)

I did not want to do any target for my diet or weight, but I have currently been not eating sweets for 2 weeks and it is hell.

My trip to Brazil is in 6 weeks and I am really excited to get out of the dark and cold Finland. It also looks like the exchange rate of EUR vs Real is favouring me. Also, a trip to Japan might be in the horizon.

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