My new favourite green smoothie

Just wanted to add this here as well. Adding pear to the mix really made a difference for me amidst my war on candy. It is really simple but can be quite expensive here in the north.

- A small banana
- One pear
- One avocado
- Spinach
- Green tea (chilled)

Stuff before they go into blender:

Stuff when they get out of the blender:

Besides drinking these ridiculous smoothies, I have started taking a lot more supplements than just a post-workout shake. This is partly due to my girlfriend's advice, as she is a long time nutrion enthusiast, who is now studying nutritional therapy at the University of Helsinki. Should probably get her to share some views on nutrition issues on this blog as well.

A list of what I am "on" currently in addition to a balanced diet:
- Magnesium (I believe this is the nitrate form which the body can absurd better or something)
- Vitamin D (because of the winter -> no sun)
- Fish oil (make sure it is omega 3 rich, as the average joe gets a ton of omega 6 anyways and it ia apparently linked with inflammation)
- Multivitamin (some iron and other minerals in there)

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