My new favourite green smoothie

Just wanted to add this here as well. Adding pear to the mix really made a difference for me amidst my war on candy. It is really simple but can be quite expensive here in the north.

- A small banana
- One pear
- One avocado
- Spinach
- Green tea (chilled)

Stuff before they go into blender:

Stuff when they get out of the blender:

Besides drinking these ridiculous smoothies, I have started taking a lot more supplements than just a post-workout shake. This is partly due to my girlfriend's advice, as she is a long time nutrion enthusiast, who is now studying nutritional therapy at the University of Helsinki. Should probably get her to share some views on nutrition issues on this blog as well.

A list of what I am "on" currently in addition to a balanced diet:
- Magnesium (I believe this is the nitrate form which the body can absurd better or something)
- Vitamin D (because of the winter -> no sun)
- Fish oil (make sure it is omega 3 rich, as the average joe gets a ton of omega 6 anyways and it ia apparently linked with inflammation)
- Multivitamin (some iron and other minerals in there)

Wrapping up 2013 and resolutions for 2014

As the year is drawing to a close, people and especially jiu jitsu practitioners are making plans and resolutions for the coming year in terms of training, competition, diet etc. Last year my big decision was to start a training log an how much I train and what I train. I don't want to post any stats yet because the year is not done yet but it looks like I will be arriving at roughly 215 trainng sessions in 2013. This averages 4,1 session a week which is pretty decent but could be higher. One excuse I can use is that I don't take into account the basic classes I teach.

What I was able to get better at in 2013:

- Berimbolo (did not want this to happen but it did)
- Takedowns/Wrestling (more time put to this than before)
- Reverse DLR (a lot of time spent here)

So, I figured out what to focus on in 2014 also:

- Wrestling at least once a week (I had a pretty solid year in terms of training wrestling/stand up in 2013, but I want to continue on that as I am getting confident on my feet)
- Leg locks, especially the knee bar since hardly anyone is "immune" to this (This is the other aspect in addition to wrestling I want to get better in before reaching brown belt one day. I don't want to be the guy who gets his brown and starts getting leg locked from everywhere. I am going to look at what Buchecha and Dean Lister are doing for this)
- Do at least one nogi competition (Could be adcc or nogi rules. This is a nice and concrete goal which forces me to train smart)

I did not want to do any target for my diet or weight, but I have currently been not eating sweets for 2 weeks and it is hell.

My trip to Brazil is in 6 weeks and I am really excited to get out of the dark and cold Finland. It also looks like the exchange rate of EUR vs Real is favouring me. Also, a trip to Japan might be in the horizon.


It's been a while

Decided to break radio silence..

First thing, I had some money riding on Yahya to win against Niinimäki at UFC this weekend (odds were pretty good), but Niinimäki won by split decision. Still glad it went that way, so Niinimäki will get more fights with his contract. In addition to being a fellow Finn, the guy is really competent in all aspects of the fight which is more than you can say about most UFC fighters. I mean, he took on the former ADCC champ Yahya on the ground and got his hand raised...

To start of, I went to an open guard seminar this Sunday taught by Santeri Lilius, a very active brown belt competitor from Finland. He opened some ginastica natural and then Buchecha's variation of the long step pass sequence he learnt from him. The sequence utilised "reverse grips" (see post about them HERE). I have been drilling these types of passes against Reverse DLR and Z-guard, so I enjoyed this a lot.

The sequence:

- The first step of the long step sequence was to attempt a normal long step pass with the reverse grips falling on your side
- If this failed due to closing your leg in between his legs, you just put your shin or foot to block your opponent's legs and scoot to pull the leg out
- If the opponent shrimps, I switch side by bouncing on your released leg to the other side of his legs (Gui Mendes taught a very similar combo, but he just circled to the other side using the reverse grip on the pant leg)

Other techniques included leg drags, the Keenan stomp pass (video below) and the Victor Estima foot lock from open guard top. Anyways, there was a lot of stuff and I think the seminar will be posted on youtube. If so, I will let you know.

Got to spar a bit with the instructor himself and got leg locked a few. Have not been focusing on the enough as they are legal from brown belt up.

Overall, I have been training quite diligently and should be up to 220 training sessions by the end of this year. Of which, I'll post my stat break down at the end of the year. I consider this a fairly good result as it has been truly hectic at the office. I am also fairly annoyed because the Christmas party season is messing up my training and forcing me to drink more than I usually do. I am looking to find a personal trainer after the holidays.

One thing I have to say about my own technical development is that my guard is starting to more and more resemble what the Mendes bros teach (due to watching their website every day). I am hitting a lot of wrist locks from the bottom as well. I decided I want to train them after losing due to one in Rome Open this summer and my secret idol Calasans using them a lot.

My tournament match (the guy won at least the next match with the same wrist lock as well):

Here's Calasans teaching something similar

Oh, and I am going to Rio to train on February the 8th...