Shoulder injury and my favourite use for coconut water

Not much blogging going on lately, despite the fact that I've had a lot of jiu jitsu related things on my mind. Firstly, I have been starting to get succesfull with the berimbolo back take. This is probably thanks to the Mendes bros site. It also seems my game is subconsiously starting to modify itself to resemble their style because I just casually watch the site every day.

The big problem at the moment is that my shoulder keeps hurting. I don't know if any single thing damaged it but it just might be a bit inflamed all the time. Took a lot of ibuprofein this week which has made it better. Despite the pain, I've been training consistently at five times a week even though I should probably give my shoulder a rest

Today, I decided to give coconut water a go in a smoothie. I tend to use flaxseeds for fiber and goji berries and blueberries a lot with my smoothies, so here's a nice basic smoothie with coconut water.

2 dl coconut water,
half a banana,
handful of goji berries,
a larger handful of frozen blueberries,
a tea spoon of grinded flaxseeds

Tastes really nice. The thing is that coconut water is quite expensive, so I won't be using it all the time.

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