Trip to Rome confirmed, been focusing on just a few techniques

Haven't posted anything BJJ related in a while. This is partly because there is a lot going on at work and partly since there hasn't really been any great revelations recently.

Basically there has been 2 things I've tried to get going

1. What I call an americana arm bar break when the opponent is defending my armbar from top. This was taught to me by one of our brown belts and it has really been a magic bullet for me. The thing is that with this break, the opponent's strenght really doesn't matter much, which I find appealing. This break has given me a lot more confidence to go for arm bars, and be more submission-minded

2. Finishing the sweeping single leg takedown. Every Tuesday I do nogi stand-up and actually I did it on Thursday as well this week. My ultimate goal is turn my takedowns from a weakness to a strength. Also, in a certain way, I think people who go for takedowns a lot, are also able to keep an aggressive and attacking mindset on the ground too. I managed to get a few nice takedowns this week, and I really really happy about it. Toni and I were actually discussed that at this point we wouldn't mind getting submitted in a match if we managed to score a takedown. I guess that's because it would be a great sign of improvement

Here is one of the finishes I've tried to get going by AJ Agazarm of Gracie Barra. I use a different set up though.

Beside trying to get these 2 things going, I've just done my regular training and teaching routine. I teach 2 classes each week and I really like it. I guess it takes away from my own training time but I don't really mind since I seem to be training over 4 times a week anyways. I think today was my 64th training session this year (training log stats to be updated shortly)
Another thing what's happening is that I booked my flights and accomodation for the Rome International Open on June 29th. My friend Sebi from Zurich is also going to compete there so we get to hang out. I don't really know whether there is going to be a Master's division there or should I just enter the adult. I am turning thirty in a week, but haven't really thought about it at all.

I am also looking to make another training focused trip this summer/fall, perhaps to Cobrinha's or Paragon if I end up in California. I think that at this point of my training it is becoming more and more important to get some input and deeper details from top black belts just to keep things fresh and my mind thinking. I think it also valuable to get effortlessly destroyed every once in a while. This is because there is a difference between losing to top guys in Finland where I can get my game going at least 10% to losing to top guys in the world who really don't even break a sweat against me and I am completely shut down without them even trying.

As a final note today..Despite me focusing more on toreanda style passes recently, I haven't tried this version presented here by Leandro Lo. I someone is looking for some new inspiration regarding this style of passing, I suggest you take a look

Leandro Lo toreanda pass

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