My summer jiu jitsu trip finally booked

So, I've booked the flights to California again to get some inspiration for my training. I am going to stay in Southern California for 2 weeks starting July 23rd.

Despite not staying in central LA, I am determined to fight the traffic one or two times to go train at Cobrinha's. After all, he is one of the guys that got me excited about jiu jitsu to begin with. I am a big fan of his movement oriented styly and really interested in the way he drills and incorporates capoeira in the warm up. Since I teach now, I notice I am constantly looking at ways to keep the warm ups fresh but still BJJ centric. Going to Cobrinha's is pretty the only thing I've decided so far. I am also thinking if I could afford a private lesson.

I am also keen to perhaps go to Brea Jiu Jitsu, which is closer to me if I am staying on Huntington Beach. This is because Dan, the guy teaching seems to be very methological and hopefully I could improve my teaching by seeing how he teaches.

There is an abundance of school in the proximity of Huntington Beach, even the original Gracie Academy is pretty close in Torrance. Still kinda looking for the place I would do my regular everyday training near Huntington. If any of you readers have ideas on where to do drop ins, just let me know..


  1. it's going to be REALLY REALLY hard driving all the way up to train at cobrinhas
    If you do plan on doing so, do the midday classes

  2. and drive up to mendes bros ! get a week pass or so :)