March & April training stats

Despite being very lazy about blogging the past 2 months, I've been training quite actively. I also turned 30 last week, which I hope motivates me to train more not less.

As a total, I did 4,2 training sessions per week in March and 4 per week in April. I have to say I am fairly happy with this rhythm, especially since I was sick for a few days and have had problems with my right shoulder for the past 2 weeks or so. In March I did a lot of gi jiu jitsu but in April I was able to also no one nogi session each week. I haven't done a lot of wrestling these past 2 months but the majority of the nogi classes are strictly takedowns anyways.

If there is a thing that has improved during past months, its my takedowns and feints for takedowns. I've come to finally realise the importance of constantly changing levels and slapping the opponent's head down as a distraction. I've also been able to be better in combining takedowns, such as changing from a double leg to knee tap. I think I've also improved my ability to finish the high single leg by either catching it high in my armpit or switching the opponent's leg to the outside and tripping him. I don't think running the pipe works really well on its own.

Nogi has been useful in another sense as well, because it helps me get in shape much better than jiu jitsu where I can dominate with grips a lot. As the Rome Open is approaching, I have to improve my conditioning and watch what I eat. You can't really rely on a last minute weight cut in the promised land of pizza and pasta.

Just got my summer holidays sorted as well..Not going to the mundials this year but I've got a jiu jitsu & surfing holiday planned anyways


  1. What do you use to track your sessions? Thanks

  2. My training log. It's an android app