Gi Review: Shoyoroll Competitor

Overall impression and fabric

This review is for a Shoyoroll's new Competitor A3 gi in white. This batch of Shoyoroll's also had a blue version of the gi made. The theme of the gi is to have a slightly flashier SYR gi with patching along with very light materials. The color scheme is grey/red, so basically the same as the count, only with the yellow replaced with red. The grey linings are really subtle but more to my liking than something brighter.

Despite the material being light, it doesn't sacrifice any comfort compared with regular Shoyorolls. The fabric feels really soft and I actually couldn't get my dog of it while trying to get some photos. Apparently, he likes it too.

The jacket is a pearl weave and the specs only mention it to be a light weave with no exact weight of the fabric given. I think it is slightly lighter than a regular Shoyoroll jacket but don't know for sure. The weight difference is most likely too small for me to measure accurately so I base everything on a hunch.

There is a lot of patches on the gi, as can be seen here

I usually prefer soft cotton pants to rip stop, but the Competitor makes an exception. Normally rip stops can feel either too stiff (thick rip stops) or too thin. Another thing is that I think they don't seem breathe as well as regular cotton pants. I din't encounter any of these issues with these pants as they almost feel like slightly lighter cotton pants. I also think they are thicker than the pants I've seen on the Shoyoroll White Mamba which were not to my liking. The dog also felt comfortable with the pants..

Close-up of the rip stop fabric

Fit and sizing

First of all, let me start by saying that Shoyoroll gis shrink a lot if you wash them in anything but cool water. I've seen many guys my size wear an A1L or an A2 (I'm around 182cm, 84kg), but they probably don't wash them in hot water. I prefer to do so to make sure bacteria is really removed after training. Because of this my A2 Count shrank so much that the IBJJF guy measuring it didn't allow me to compete in it last time I tried. So this time around, I got myself an A3.

The official sizing chart of the gi is as follows

The rough measurements of my gi (after 1 wash)
Key issues with fit

- The gi is better suited for not so bulky guys because the cut is fairly slim
- In size A3, the pants are quite wide (see weight range), so you should be able to fit in them even if you have quite muscular legs
- The sleeves are much roomier than in the A2. This means the sleeves on this gi are pretty standard to what you see on the market

Here, I will compare the Competitor to an A3 Ouano Light Competition gi which has seen many hot washes. The gis are both light gis meant for competition so the comparison makes sense. Also note, that I've competed with the Ouano in a few IBJJF tournaments so it should not officially be too small for me.

Ouano's sleeve cuffs are much tighter. However, the sleeves alltogether are much roomier on the Shoyoroll. The Shoyoroll Competitor's cuffs are around 17,6 cm.

Shoyroll has a slightly thicker collar

Details include some loose threads and some unremoved fluffy stuff inside the sleeve patch. The loop system is the standard loop system for SYR

Overall grade:

This is a really nice but pretty standard Shoyoroll gi that did not disappoint. I'd say a 9,5/10 in my book, but most SYRs are.

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