February training summary

I had 18 training sessions in February which totals exactly 4,5 sessions per week. This is a clear improvement from January where I only had 3,5 trainings per week. What makes February's good result even better for is that I was sick for 2 days. Without being sick, I might have been able to do 5 trainings a week on average. I also didn't take into account the sessions when I was teaching.

What I am not so pleased with, that despite my goal of doing more wrestling and nogi, I only had 1 wrestling and 1 nogi class in February. This is something I should start to improve starting this Saturday when I have a wrestling class.
The increased training in the gi this month (and this year I guess) seems to actually improve my performance in sparring as well. I feel like I am slowly getting better. One thing that has been important to me since last year is that I've also started to focus into a few things for a longer period of time. For example, currently I try to work on the following things in sparring and drilling:

1. A new "wrench" arm bar break. This has been very good to me as I used get to arm bar position quite often but had trouble with getting the opponent's arm extended if the guy was stronger than me.
2. "Jacare" ankle pick from standing (gi)
3. Creating an angle by grabbing opponent's tricep (neck arm) and going for a flare double (nogi, wrestling)
4. Switching to knee tap if flare double fails due to opponent spreading his legs (nogi, wrestling)
4. 2 RDLR sweeps (roll over and roll under) (gi, nogi)

I can honestly recommend keeping this type of training journal to everyone, because it not only helps you track your training but motivates you to train more. If only I had the guts to start keeping track on what I eat as well.

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