What to drink for recovery?

Since I'm recovering from only having slept 8-9 hours combined on two past knights I can't go and train tonight. I don't feel bad about it because I saw this coming. I woke up between Saturday and Sunday to watch the UFC and yesterday I watched superbowl at my friend's house (also in the middle of the night) who made American style coach potato food for us. This guy is also a serious kitchen hobbyist who currently competes in the Finnish Masterchef so I had all the pulled pork, chicked wings and key lime pie I could handle.

While resting at my house tonight I noticed I am running out of supplements and since I am a bit low and funds, I really started researching what I should get. I ran across this very simple but nice write up on recovery drinks from a guy who is definetly more informed on the subject than I am

What to put in a post work out shake?

I'll probably get some basic whey protein and some malto + some berry powder I've grown to like.

Come to think of it, I should also probably start listing all the blogs I visit regularily to a sidebar on my blog so people can find them more easily

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  1. All vegan brown rice protein called Sun Warrior works best for me. It's pretty expensive but I get a very bad stomach from cheap proteins. I like to mix the rice protein with a hemp (hamppu) protein because a thin man has to get his fat and carbon dose allso.