Testing the new protein toffee pudding

This week, just out of curiosity I bought a new type of protein supplement I've never tried, a protein pudding. It is designed for those people including me who always need to have a dessert. The supplement itself is in powder form and you mix it with fat free milk to make the pudding.

The powder has a fairly high energy content (350kcal in 100 grams) but the thing is that you really don't use a lot of it per serving. It also has loads of protein in it, 80% to be exact. What was also positive is that it contains 10,6% of dietary fibers because at least for me it is sometimes hard to get enough of them in my normal (poor) diet. The sweetness comes from sucralose.

What the powder consists of?

The way I prepared this was first mixing the milk and powder in a regular shaker and quickly pouring it to a cup to set in a fridge. After it is done, the pudding has a foam-like texture to it, which is like very much. The taste is not too artificial either although with my ratio of powder to milk to toffee flavour is pretty mild. I don't know whether anyone can actually replace desserts or protein shakes permanently with this but I'm gonna try to replace maybe half of my desserts until the powder runs out.

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