January training summary

I am recording my training for the first time in January and checked what it really looked like. I felt I was getting an ok amount of training done and the stats were almost what I thought they would be. Fell a little short of my 4 times a week long term target though. My new German Boxer dog has definately snatched some of my time this month.

Here is a quick summary:

Altogether I recorded 16 session for January which is a little over 3,5 per week. What I was pleased with is that after a long layoff I also did 5 sessions without the gi. I have to say it felt much harder to go back to nogi than I thought.  

As I also recorded the themes of each training session, I was happy to notice that takedowns were the thing I trained the most in January with a total of 6 sessions. One of my aims this year is stop pulling guard in training and competition. I've been told recently that my top game is stronger than my bottom game, so training takedowns (my past weakness) suits my agenda really well

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