Gear review: Adidas Combat Speed 3 wrestling shoes

As I've been on a hunt for decent wrestling shoes for my freestyle wrestling classes for a while, I can finally say I've found a nice pair. The problem was that in Finland, there aren't many sports stores that carry wrestling shoes (and if they do, they are for kids) but I was lucky to find a decent pair with out ordering them from abroad.

My Adidas Combat Speed 3s are US size 9,5 which should translate to FR size 43,3. I normally wear a size 43, which is a bit loose for me. These however, fit pretty snug. This means I would advise getting about one size larger than your regular shoe for the Combat Speed 3.

The shoe is really light and the sole is bendy. While searching for a good shoe, I tried on a few different shoes that had stiff soles that felt like they make springing with your feet uncomfortable. The soles are dark but the parts that touch the ground so you won't probably leave any marks on the surface if you decide to play other sports with these.

On quirky detail about the shoes are that the ankle fabric actually has holes in it for better "air conditioning"

Despite not having a lot of experience with wrestling shoes, I can attest that I am really happy with the Adidas Combat Speeds. However, not even good shoes have prevented me from twisting my ankle numerous times while sprawling or scrambling. Don't know if I'm tying them too loose or what


  1. You wear shoes for the same reason you DON'T wear skinny jeans while squatting: The goal is to move the most weight, not make the lift as difficult as possible. the weight will be difficult enough without adding shoe issues. Plus, shoes are allowed in all competitions: I wouldn't tell a football player to NOT wear cleats because it makes playing on turf easier. Wear appropriate shoes for your sport.
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