The lesson of Magid Hage's baseball bat choke

In the recent Abu Dhabi Pro trials in San Diego, Magid Hage tapped out 2 big name opponents in Zak Maxwell and Clark Gracie with baseball bat chokes from half guard bottom. The choke is actually finished from bottom mount position which makes it a very uncommon sight in high level jiu jitsu tournaments.

The match against Clark Gracie:

The match against Zak Maxwell:

What makes the case very interesting is that not many people focus on things that are considered by nature "low percentage" or not often seen in high level jiu jitsu competition. Some even gather statistics of most common submissions, passes etc. and focus their training around those. I guess the lesson here is that you can also to believe in techniques that are not often seen at the high level and be succesfull with them. One could also argue that there are a vast number of potentially "high percentage" techniques out there that people just don't polish enough.

In order to do this, you of course must believe in what you're doing when you start focusing on a certain technique. Don't get discouraged even when Rafa Mendes or Marcelo Garcia doesn't believe in it. There is still a chance that you can make it work for you.

I guarantee if someone would show me the berimbolo, Estima's inverted triangle or Rodolfo Vieira's signature throw for the first time without me having seen them used in competition, I would probably shrug them of as something that probably won't work if the opponent is skilled.

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