Starting my freestyle wrestling career tomorrow

"I swear it upon Zeus an outstanding runner cannot be the equal of an average wrestler"

Despite being 29-years old , I will participate in my first ever official freestyle wrestling class tomorrow. Of course, I have trained doubles, singles and knee taps in jiu jitsu and mma training but I really wanted to do at least a class of week just on wrestling. Fortunately for me and my friend who will be joining me, the class is name wrestling for fitness, so we don't have to get mauled by the competitors. As wrestling is something often started at a young age, it is basically a group for senior hobbyists.

What my friends think I'll be training

I am glad I decided to go with wrestling instead of judo to complement my jiu jitsu because hip throws (and basically all throws and trips) seem to be really hard for me to learn. I've just started to believe that Judo takes a long time to learn, despite my glorious bronze medal in a judo comp when I was 9 years old. Yesterday in training we were doing osoto garis and uchi matas and I just felt really uncoordinated again.

I guess the main thing I am looking to get out of the wrestling classes is not actually the takedowns themselves but better scrambling and mentality in scramble positions. In jiu jitsu being relaxed while rolling is something that is emphasized, so sometimes sometimes the takedown aggression and scramble aggression suffers from this.

Another thing that might improve is that "faith in the shot" that many people I have trained with have talked about. This simply means that you have to believe in the shot, otherwise you will hesitate too much or give up the takedown attempt when things get rough (opponent sprawls or something). I believe my "faith" will get better just by increasing the number of live shots in sparring. A cautious estimate could be that my shots might increase from say 5 a week to 20 a week. In a year that should amount to a lot of reps and improved faith.

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  1. Good luck! Let us know how it goes and how beneficial is it for BJJ