Neck pains and anaconda positions today

Yesterday night I was celebrating my friend's PhD in Medicine and had a few drinks. Despite not feeling my best in the morning I decided to head to wrestling practive at 12.30 this morning. I was really sweating like a pig in warm up which included a lot of moves that made me dizzy like trying to throw myself up to my two feet from the headstand.

The techniques of the day were very interesting from a jiu jitsu perspective because we basically went through what you can do from a anaconda control. In jiu jitsu this is a position where most people don't think about points anymore but instead look to finish with either an anaconda or a darce choke. In wrestling, you can't choke people out so the technique is mostly used for gaining top position on the mat.

Our set up for it was pulling your opponent down to catch it from the collar tie position. Sometimes you end up getting this control also from when your opponent shoots at your legs.

What I call "anaconda control":

  • Tie and drag to the mat by sprawling, from which you can either
    1. Spin under like in an anaconda shoke to gain top position (side control)
    2. Spin to the back to get a point
  • Tie and step to the side of the trapped arm and grab outside the knee and finally clasp your hands together. Sit back and throw him over your shoulder closer to his head. Come on top
Today's training was a lot of fun, although I hurt my neck while sparring and my ankle while warming up. My right ankle has now taken damage 3 times this month, 2 times from twisting it while sprawling and today twisting it in warm up.

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  1. That is called a front headlock in wrestling. :)