First wrestling class is behind me

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of joining Helsingin Painimiehet (http://hpm.pp.fi/) for my first wrestling practice. We started with a pretty regular wrestling warm up including some indoor football. We covered three techniques:

  1. The double leg from the collar tie. The version we did was different from the jiu jitsu version I am used at least by the fact that we tried to clasp our hands together. This is something I've never seen in a BJJ class but it kinda makes sense if you can reach it. The double leg was not a blast double and the point was to get in in a angle and push the guy to the side with your head and body
  2. Countering the double by connecting your hands under his belly and rolling him over to the side you choose to look towards. Then you kinda follow the momentum to roll to top
  3. Countering the double by putting your arm deep under his belly and using the other hand to grab his ankle from the outside. Then you simply drop your head below him and roll him over towards the side of the trapped ankle.
After the techniques we did 5*2 min sparring with rotating opponents. Wasn't really familiar with exact rules but I seemed to do ok, apart from the fact that I hurt my right ankle while sprawling AGAIN!

All and all, nothing too dramatic or fancy details yet, but if I keep going, I am sure to get a lot of reps and takedown sparring compared to an average bjj guy. I would sure love to hit my first double leg in a competition.

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