Another wrestling class, thoughts on wrestling stance

I had another freestyle wrestling practice yesterday and let me tell you it was tough. We started with some basic "gymnastics" such as cartwheel, advanced somersaults, bridges etc. The techniques this time were a double leg, a fireman's carry and a fireman's carry forward, which I've never seen before.

My training partner Toni and I have been thinking a lot about the stance we are going to use in wrestling and jiu jitsu. Usually in wrestling they have their strong foot forward but I think I'll be using my left foot forward instead. This is not wrong per say, because I know that wrestlers who switch to mma often will learn to use the weak foot forward stance to have a better stance for boxing.

My thought work so far is as follows:
  • When no grips are in place, assume a staggered fairly low stance (one foot forward, one back) putting your left  foot forward
  • Keep your left arm on top of your left leg to protect against takedowns on that leg
  • Keep your right hand up and looking for the opponent's arm or neck
  • If you get a control of the neck (clinch), try to control the biceps with the other arm. Often in jiu jitsu the arm just gripping below the elbow which I think ruins your control of the inside space. 
  • When you have control of the neck I should try to have the leg on that side forward
  • When you are clinching with neck control, do not put your head on the other guys shoulder. You can even go forehead to forehead. If you're clinching with an underhook, I don't think putting your head on his shoulder can be avoided
A good stance display

We finished yesterday's training with 5 rounds of sparring. On the 5th round, I was so tired you could do a shot but not get up from it.

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