Supplement review: Q5 Warrior Purple

Scramble has recently become an European distributor of Q5 supplements. Q5 is a supplement company founded by Bill Thomas that sponsors many jiu jitsu athletes including Comprido and Kurt Osiander. The company focuses on producing quality supplements locally, and without artificial ingredients such as colors and flavours. Q5's product range includes whey proteins, vegetable/berry based nutritional supplements, fish oil and energy supplements for athletes.  

With my recent order, I decided to try me some of their Warrior Purple which is a dietary supplement consisting of vegetables and nutritious berries. Warrior Purple's key purpose according to Q5 is to be a great source of anti-oxidants. I am no nutritionist, but according to general "understanding" anti-oxidants protect our bodies from oxidation damages (damages caused by the transfer of electrons away from the substance or damages by free radicals) caused by stress or strain. This particular supplement also contains a decent amount of fiber as you can see from the fact sheet below.

What is it made of?

As you can see it is a serious berry and vegetable mush. What does the more exotic stuff in the mix look like in nature?

Açai berries from the Amazon:

Camu camu with a ridiculous amount of vitamin-C also from the Amazon:

Mangosteen from Indonesia and certain parts of South-America. Only the white part is edible:

Goji berries from China:
The strongest flavor I get from the Warrior Purple is the açai flavor. When you look at the picture below and see what the powder looks like, it is no surprise. The strong berry-concentration also requires you to add this to your protein drink in moderation. Q5 recommends vanilla-protein with Warrior Purple but I found out that strawberry works really nicely with it as well. I absolutely love the flavor but my girlfriend for example dislikes it quite a bit. To each his/her own, I guess.

Although eating vegetables and berries to get our necessary nutrients is very important, if you've never taken any supplements I'd suggest you would start with protein. Although some protein powders can most likely be found from your local supermarket, in most cases I would order it online due to cost and quality issues. Q5 also has whey protein which is produced with grass fed cattle in New Zealand if you have the extra buck.


  1. thanks for taking the time to write the above information for everyone......... I am looking for a super fruit vegetable supplement.I found your piece very interesting to read

  2. Hi MR,

    Thanks for the write up. I love the natural ingredients in Q5 warrior purple. Goji berries and mangosteen especially are incredibly powerful anti-oxidant properties.

    It's funny how the media keeps swinging from anti-oxidant to anti-anti-oxidant to anti-vitamin and back. At the end of the day it's all about quality, earth-grown nutrients and supplements.

    For a natural take on a bjj pre-workout, I recommend checking out our herbal formula - http://flowathletics.com/ingredients/

    Gene Kobilansky
    Founder, Flow Athletics

  3. its key ingredients are all backed by solid scientific research. This means that the dosages are clinically effective and will not contain any colored dyes or additives that are harmful to your body. best pre workout

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