Making quinoa for dinner

Quinoa (or kvinoa) is a plant that has an eadible seed originating from South America. Nowadays it appears on many recommended diets for jiu jitsu athletes and mma fighters. I've seen at least Urijah Faber, Mac Danzig and Martin Kampmann mention it as part of their diet. Mike Dolce who is the nutritionist of many UFC fighters including Gray Maynard, Chael Sonnen and Thiago Alves recommends it.  I am no nutritionist, but Quinoa has a lot of fiber, iron and protein, so I guess I'll choose it over McDonald's.

Here is what it contains:

Quinoa dishes are often salads or bowls. Many times it is combined with mint, tomato or scallions. I added a few vegetables sauteed on the pan (carrot, cauliflower), chickpeas (use them all the time), mint and nuts (cashew). I also use some olive oil to bind the flauvours together. And of course, added a steak, since I'm no hippie

Preparing quinoa often requires that it is washed before use, check your package

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  1. Looks good, except that brown thing...

    I'm a hippie. :D