Gi Review: Koral MKM Kimono

Overall impression and fabric

This time I am reviewing an A3 White Koral MKM Competition gi. The gi is quite similar to the old Koral Classic gi apart from a slightly snuggier fit if I am correct. However, as the old Classic gi is no longer available the closest thing to a good old Koral is the MKM Competition (in case you're wondering MKM stands for "O Melhor Kimono do Mundo"). This Koral gi is a common sight in BJJ competitions all around, other most common gis being a Shoyoroll or a Atama. You also see top fighters such as Rodolfo Vieira, Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida and Michael Langhi competing in this gi.

What is interesting and kinda cool about Koral is that along with Keiko Raca, they are one of the few gi companies actually producing their gis in Brazil. The fabric on the MKM actually resembles the facric of Keiko Limited gi which is a good thing. Koral also claims that the gi is 100% pre-shrunk. Many gi companies make this claim, but for Koral it is actually quite true. The gi seems to be 98% pre-shrunk. This worried me at first, because I am 182 cm and 84kg and don't know if the A3 would have been too large for me. It wasn't it fits me great!

The gi is of "average" weight for a single weave gi at around 2kg. This makes it around 300 grams heavier that the Koral Light Gi. If you really want to make the gi lighter, you can remove the patches fairly easily as the gi has a lot of them.

The gi jacket is made of single piece of fabric of good quality cotton, which means there is no seam on the back. It is sturdy but soft on the skin.

The pants are pretty plain with one small patch on both sides. They are quite light, might even be lighter than the Koral Light pants. A large area around the knees has double facric but otherwise, especially around the ankle the fabric is slightly too thin to my liking. I actually like the Koral Light pants slightly more, because they are made of coarser material. Here is a close-up on the border of the double fabric and single layer fabric.

Fit and sizing

Here is the official sizing chart by Koral which seems to be really accurate and since the gis don't shrink that much, you can usually rely on it.

A0 5'0" - 5'4"/1,55 - 1,60m 95 - 120 lbs/Max 60Kg
A1 5'4" - 5'8"/1,60 - 1,70 m 125 - 155 lbs/Max 75Kg
A2 5'8" - 6'0"/1,70 - 1,80m 155 - 190 lbs/Max 85Kg
A3 5'11" - 6'2"/1,80 - 1,90m 190 - 220 lbs/Max 95Kg
A4 6’1” - 6’4”/1,90 - 2,00m 220 - 255 lbs/Max 120Kg
A5 More than 6’4’’/2,00m More than 255 lbs/120Kg

The measurements of my gi are almost exactly the same as with my Koral Light Gi apart from the pant leg being shorter at 97cm instead of 100cm. See review for Koral Light Gi

Key issues with fit

- Wide cut jacket from around the gut and especially around the shoulders
- The pants are quite wide and on the shorter side
- The pants are not tapered around the ankle which gives this gi the 70s look

The comparison is made to Gameness Platinum Gi in size A3 because also like the Koral MKM, it is an established medium-weight competition gi. The sleeves of the Koral are slightly longer (the Gameness has had more washes though). The big difference of the jackets is that the Koral has much more fabric around the shoulder area suiting a person with a more muscular build.

The pants have the same length but the Koral is a bit wider, especially around the ankle area. This makes it easier to grab the pant fabric on the Koral. On the other hand, with the Koral you can still manouver your leg better after your opponent has a grip in the pant leg.


The sleeve width is around average for an A3 gi at approximately 17,5 cm. Here is the comparison to Gameness Pearl which has a wider sleeve at around 18 cm.

The collar is quite thin but pretty close to the Gameness Pearl's. The big difference to the Gameness and actually also the Koral Light Gi is that the collar is much sturdier and stiffer. The stitching on the collar is also very heavy as you can see on the second picture.

The pant string system is simple and it stays tied really well. All Koral gis have this type of pant string. You really don't need 700 loops to keep those pants on.

There is some "Koral Fight Co" tape on the inside of the sleeve.


Key issues regarding Koral MKM gi:

- Gi top fabric is of very high quality

- The gi is a bit on the baggier side as almost all Korals tend to be, especially around the shoulder area. If you have a very slim build, the fit might not be good for you.

- Thin collar but it is very sturdy and harder to manipulate than an average thin collar on a competition gi

- Good pants in terms of weight and material but they are not tapered around the ankles as I would wish

This is most likely the best (and the most expensive) Koral gi around since the old Classic model is no longer in production. Many people have reported quality problems with the new Classic model.

Overall, a very good all around gi. It just feels "Right". Only thing I would get fixed are the pants around the ankle (they are not tapered). Get this if you're not super slim and want to get a Koral

You can order the gi in Europe at http://raspagem.fr/fr/ and many other retailers listed on the Koral site.

Overall grade: 9,5/10


  1. Good review. I have considered getting one of the newer classics. I always like the older and have heard contradicting reviews coming back on the newer ones. I will be picking one up.

  2. The Keiko limited BJJ Gi is made in Brazil and is meticulously crafted. This Gi has 4 patches, one on the shoulders, one on the lapel and one on the lower leg; it also has embroidery on both arms and the nape of the neck in the style of the Keiko logo and the Brazilian flag. It also has contrasting trim detailing that makes it a truly one of a kind Gi to own. But this mma equipment isn't just about the looks; it's also made to endure years of the most intense training and competition. Its cut is a bit slimmer than other Gis, making it ideal for tournaments and light enough to keep you going on those particularly hot days


  3. im 6'1" and now about 186lbs almost same weight and height, dont you find the A3 a bit baggy on you?


  4. Not too bad actually. It is definetly not a slim model, but I guess I got used to it

  5. That's Brilliant Online Shop For Boxing Equipments.Koral Gi so good.

  6. I'm 166 lbs and 5'7. What size do you recommend? Thanks in advance.

  7. A1. I am 5'10" 180lbs and the A2 is huge on me.