Is my quest for berimbolo defense finally over?

I have gone throught this a bit in training and now have 2 phases of defense:

1. Early phase, using leg drag control push opponent's knees together when he is going to the side and grabbing your belt in order to start spinning. Opponent's leg can be either on the outside or between your own knees. This pretty much kills the inverting and allows you to grab his collar as in a leg drag and smash/leg drag pass. Sometimes you also have to push the knees together using your chest for extra pressure

2. Late phase meaning your hip is already down and opponent is inverting: With this technique, you have to keep the "upper" leg drag control on the pant leg and switch it to the inside. As he is going to try to go under you, you just circle away and wait for your moment. Then you put your weight slightly on top of him and grab the cloth around his hip. After this you somersault over him while placing the bottom of your foot on his calf/knee area next to the pant grip allowing you to force him to expose his back for the hooks.

This worked for me perhaps the third time I tried it which is more than I can say for most berimbolo defenses so far. Here is where I got this..

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