Continuation to berimbolo defense, a berimbolo counter

I have realised that my worst imaginable opponent in a competition is a guy who is really flexible, good at berimbolo and pulls guard every time. I guess that is pretty much one of the Miyao brothers. Against this type of opponent I can not work my stand up or even pull guard because his expertise in the berimbolo makes double guard pull an unwise decision. When looking at the Miyaos fight, you notice that 90% of the time a double guard pull only leads to a faster back take unless your berimbolo is at the same level..and we all know it isn't.

In addition to my competition fears, I now have guys in training who use the berimbolo all the time, so I've been forced to look for solutions online. There are already many videos up there, but I think many of the defenses and counters are suspicios and don't fully understand how the berimbolo works.

I posted a good defense by Carlos Holanda of CheckMat here:


Now, I've stumbled on a good counter imo. Here is the video:

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