Pattern of naming a fight wear company

Sometimes I see a pattern in the way new fight wear or bjj gear companies (especially new ones) come up with their brand names. If you need to start one, just follow this formula:

1. Think of a grappling move such as Kimura(wear), X-guard, Reversal, Clinchgear, Tapout, Sprawl, Scramble, Ezekiel, Submission FC, Da Firma and Grab and Pull did...If you can't think of any move to step 2. (Don't go with anything too specific like front head lock or reverse de la riva guard)

2. Think of something animal (especially dog) related such as Bull Dog, Bull Terrier, Black Eagle, Panda, Gameness, Killer Bee, Dragao, Gorilla, Golden Tiger..if can't think of any animal besides "Cow", go to step three

3. Make it sound "Japanese" or "Brazilian" like Fuji, Hayabusa, Faixa Rua, Da Firma, Hakai, Isami, Keiko Raca, Kasakura, Ronin, Tatami, Fushida, Atama and Albino & Preto. If you don't know Portuguese, Japanese, or Google Translator, go to step 4.

4. Just put your name on it: Padilla & Sons, Howard, Machado Kimonos, Graciegear, Kyra Gracie, Ouano

If you can't think of anything so far, name it something weird like Shoyoroll or Contract Killer

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