Lagarto popped by for training today

Today, we had Lucio "Lagarto" Rodrigues in training with us. Didn't spar with him though, because I didn't have much energy. Besides that, I've been training 5 days in a row and the fatigue is getting to me. Luckily we have guests arriving just now so I can't train as much in the coming week.

Been just trying to focus on the stand up game and improving my grip fighting. This is partly because Sergio told me that I am currently better on top. I also believe that for the first time, I have a system for stand up also (If I get this grip and the opponent has this foot forward, I'll do a ouchi gari etc..if he has the other foot forward, I'll do a kata guruma etc.). Funny thing to really train stand up after having pulled guard in almost every match I've ever had.

Here is Lagarto beating Lovato Jr in the Euros. Nice overhead sweeps and toreanda passes

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