GiFreak.com helps you find the best gi reviews out there

I stumbled on this site a while ago, and it includes some of the reviews featured in this blog. As no single person is able to review all the relevant equipment out there, gifreak helps you to find the reviews easier from different sources.


Here is what Megan has to say about her site:

"GiFreak.com started after we saw just how many different kinds of gis there were out there. We had a experience in the blog and forum worlds, and knew there were people getting online every day asking questions like “What gi should a skinny guy buy?” or “I want a gi with rashguard lining…who makes them?” So we wanted to make answering those questions easier on a couple of different levels…mostly by making it simple to find gis that have exactly what a grappler is looking for, and also connecting people with reviewers who’ve already done the leg work of assessing the quality and performance of different grappling products.
The site is based around two core features:
GiSearch-We’ve created a tool used by kimono manufacturers around the world. You can search for gis using 15 different feature categories including price, collar thickness, body type and jacket construction.

GiReview Search-We collect reviews from the best and most detailed reviewers on the web, and put them in one, searchable format…no more Googling and sifting through results.

GiFreak.com also features a blog where we post articles (like the popular interview with a microbiologist), interviews with names like Saulo Ribeiro, as well as product launch announcements, reviews and other features based around the Brazilian jiu jitsu uniform. We’re looking to add more features in the future, so keep an ear to the ground for what we’re up to by following us on Twitter @GiFreak or liking our Facebook page. "


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