Finnish police fitness test

I started wondering whether I would pass the fitness test part of the application process to the Finnish police force. It seems I would pass at least the minimum requirements. Every time you do better than the minimum, you get additional points.

Minimum requirements for men:

1. Run 1500 meters, in less than 7.15 (probably would make it in 6)
2. At least 15 Abs in 30 seconds with a 5 kg weight behind your head. Knees bent..
3. Going over a 2.3 meter obstacle (preferably with out using your feet)
4. Dragging a doll of 80 kg with a back grab for 20 meters
5. 5 chin ups
6. 62,5 kg bench press (at least 2 repetitions)
7. 100 meters swim in 3 minutes or less

Women have reduced standards for this test

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