GiFreak.com helps you find the best gi reviews out there

I stumbled on this site a while ago, and it includes some of the reviews featured in this blog. As no single person is able to review all the relevant equipment out there, gifreak helps you to find the reviews easier from different sources.


Here is what Megan has to say about her site:

"GiFreak.com started after we saw just how many different kinds of gis there were out there. We had a experience in the blog and forum worlds, and knew there were people getting online every day asking questions like “What gi should a skinny guy buy?” or “I want a gi with rashguard lining…who makes them?” So we wanted to make answering those questions easier on a couple of different levels…mostly by making it simple to find gis that have exactly what a grappler is looking for, and also connecting people with reviewers who’ve already done the leg work of assessing the quality and performance of different grappling products.
The site is based around two core features:
GiSearch-We’ve created a tool used by kimono manufacturers around the world. You can search for gis using 15 different feature categories including price, collar thickness, body type and jacket construction.

GiReview Search-We collect reviews from the best and most detailed reviewers on the web, and put them in one, searchable format…no more Googling and sifting through results.

GiFreak.com also features a blog where we post articles (like the popular interview with a microbiologist), interviews with names like Saulo Ribeiro, as well as product launch announcements, reviews and other features based around the Brazilian jiu jitsu uniform. We’re looking to add more features in the future, so keep an ear to the ground for what we’re up to by following us on Twitter @GiFreak or liking our Facebook page. "


Lagarto popped by for training today

Today, we had Lucio "Lagarto" Rodrigues in training with us. Didn't spar with him though, because I didn't have much energy. Besides that, I've been training 5 days in a row and the fatigue is getting to me. Luckily we have guests arriving just now so I can't train as much in the coming week.

Been just trying to focus on the stand up game and improving my grip fighting. This is partly because Sergio told me that I am currently better on top. I also believe that for the first time, I have a system for stand up also (If I get this grip and the opponent has this foot forward, I'll do a ouchi gari etc..if he has the other foot forward, I'll do a kata guruma etc.). Funny thing to really train stand up after having pulled guard in almost every match I've ever had.

Here is Lagarto beating Lovato Jr in the Euros. Nice overhead sweeps and toreanda passes


Old Rickson Gracie Budo Challenge highlights

Rickson Gracie budo challenge was fought with a point system that awards 3 points for decent submission attemps and mostly 1 point for other succesfull IBJJF point scoring techniques. A guard pull is also penalised with -1 point.

Oddly, Marcelo Garcia lost his first fight and could not face Shinya Aoki in the final of his weight class

BJ Penn brown belt fights from 2000

There aren't many of BJ's BJJ matches online, but I found a couple of nice ones.


I knew there was reason I was getting this so cheap..

Ban instructionals and focus on a few moves!


Many people, at least I, have a tendency of wanting to try new and cool techniques in training all the time. We all now that sometimes we should just do the same things over and over for a better result but it gets boring after a while. It has become even more difficult nowadays because there someone coming up with a new cool technique video or dvd every day.

The past 2 weeks, I've decided only to work only on takedowns and the triangle choke. This means, that in sparring I never pull guard and always go for a triangle from reasonable positions. This might reward me with a good triangle in a few months, but in reality I can not go for the triangle all the time in sparring either because:

1. I can not get into a position where the triangle is an option (closed guard, over hook half, side mount etc.). Or...

2. I can get into a position where I can attempt a triangle but the opponent is making it nearly impossible to choose it as a reasonable attempt (opponent clasping his hands together in closed guard)

What this means is that IT TAKES QUITE A LOT OF TIME to get a reasonable number of repetitions in live sparring for these techniques. I think a month of focusing on these might be a minimum time. This means my bjj training is currently almost as boring as going to the gym.

In reality, you probably even have to exclude some techniques permanently from "your system" because the amount of techniques in jiu jitsu is infinite. Marcelo Garcia has made it clear in his school for example, they don't teach any spider guard.


If you have too short an attention span to work on a single technique, at least try to work on a single system for a month. For example, during the past year, I've almost never used the classic cross face side control. Instead I always religorously go for the old school version shown below. The old school control offers a different system of submissions and transition than the cross face control.

Originally I started with this side control "system" because it gave me a fast way to the back, but now I've started getting kimuras, because I've sticked with it. If I would have tried to develop both side control systems at the same time, I would probably been less succesful.

The different systems:


A judoka with cheat codes against Judo

This guy just won't be thrown and seems to use wrestling instead of classic judo in judo comps.

Don't miss the Olympic Judo and read a good blog about it

I remember being in Japan during 2008 Olympics and watching the judo games on my small Japanese tv. They had judo team commercials everywere at the time. Now, as the London games are approaching, I intend to watch the games again. Even though many of the throws (especially the way they sacrifice position) might not be a good idea for BJJ, you can at least catch world class grip fighting and some practical throws in the mix..

A good blog about an Australian guy preparing for the competition at:



Open mat radio with Tom Callos (Keenan Cornelius' father)

Nice interview of Tom Callos on BJ Penn, Keenan Cornelius etc. on my favourite BJJ podcast

I also love hearing about non-black belt competitors such as Keenan Cornelis. Being one myself, helps me understand how hard I would have to work to get even moderate success.

Link to episode: http://www.openmatradio.com/2012/07/01/episode-28-tom-callos/


Finnish police fitness test

I started wondering whether I would pass the fitness test part of the application process to the Finnish police force. It seems I would pass at least the minimum requirements. Every time you do better than the minimum, you get additional points.

Minimum requirements for men:

1. Run 1500 meters, in less than 7.15 (probably would make it in 6)
2. At least 15 Abs in 30 seconds with a 5 kg weight behind your head. Knees bent..
3. Going over a 2.3 meter obstacle (preferably with out using your feet)
4. Dragging a doll of 80 kg with a back grab for 20 meters
5. 5 chin ups
6. 62,5 kg bench press (at least 2 repetitions)
7. 100 meters swim in 3 minutes or less

Women have reduced standards for this test

My loop choke attempt was on the chin and deep half got destroyed

First guy was over weight and I went straight to final. Portugal nationals Medium Heavy purple