Trip to California part 4: Quick visit to San Francisco and training at Bay jiu jitsu

After spending a few days driving up the coast from Long Beach I finally arrived in San Francisco. The city was actually super nice and imo probably one of the best if not the best city for an urban holiday. A lot of nice views, restaurants and bars (and of course the wine country). No car needed..

I only did one training session in SF and that was at Bay Jiu Jitsu. Would have wanted to do 2 there but a wine tour to Napa Valley got into way. Also would have liked to see what Kurt Osiander's place looked like but it was quite far from where I was staying.

Bay Jiu Jitsu website

I wish I had been to Bay Jiu Jitsu one month later because they will be hosting a game changer seminar in the beginning of July with Jeff Glover, Lucas Leite and Buchecha. That is one absolute world champ and probably 2 out of 3 top half guards in the world with Glover and Leite (imo Caio Terra is the 3rd)

The training went pretty smooth despite a lot of travelling. We did  a bried but efficient warm up, which also included chin ups. Now, I've been to 2 academies here in the US where they do this, and I really like it instead of just the basic push ups. The techniques of the day were mounted collar choke set ups and the arm lock. It felt like the instructor had read my mind because I really wanted to train basics and defense.

We started with positional sparring from mount and it went ok, except that one time while escaping, I got caught in the same half guard kimura as in the wordls. Definetly a weakness for me it seems.

Today, I'll be heading back to Portugal. Feel like I've eaten way too much on this trip..Luckily I also did some jiu jitsu and weight training

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