Trip to California part 3: Drilling spider guard passing at Paragon Ventura

2 days before the worlds I was getting really tired but wanted to train so I decided to head to Ventura to train at another Paragon jiu jitsu location. The training sessions are usually taught by Ricardo "Franjinha" Miller but my particular session was supervised by black belt roosterweight competitor Milton Bastos.

We did a pretty normal warm up and then drilled different types of passes for spider guard. One in particular stuck with me because it seemed like a really good way to pass the leg lasso (other foot on the biceps version).

It went something like this (should film this probably once I find the time in Portugal):

1. Grip opponent's pants under his ankle on the side of the bicep spider control
2. Circle to the direction of the bicep control leg (other way you'll get swept) and push arm trapped in lasso straight so you are able to rotate your wrist out and grab the pants from the outside
3. Using the ankle pant grip, walk and push your opponent's (straight) leg completely to the mat on the other side. This should turn your opponent's hips away from you. Rest your own hip on top of his looking towards his feet
4. Change the pant grip to your other hand (usually from left to right hand)
5. Go for head or under arm control with your now free arm

Milton had a good performance in the worlds, losing in the quarterfinals on a judge's decision with points and advantages being even. There were so many ref's decisions in the worlds this year it is becoming boring...

One of Milton's old matches

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