Training with Robson Moura yesterday

Yesterday, we had Robson Moura visiting our academy. There were people from many academies attending. I noticed at least Royce Gracie, Brazilian Power Team and Reinaldo Ribeiro team present. What was also great is that there were 7 black belts on the mat.

The training consisted of:
- warm up with mostly hip movement and inverting drills
- technique section covering 4 techniques from spider guard with a collar grip
- a question and answer section at the end

I did the techniques with a local brown belt and the techniques suited me great. I play a lot of open guard and like to invert etc. but rarely spider guard (bicep control) which we covered now. What is usually bugging me with pure spider guard is the lack of distance control with out a collar grip, De La Riva hook etc. This was not a problem this time as the version we went through used a spider control on one side and a same side collar grip on the other side (leg free). We went through an arm bar, a triangle from oma plate type control, a sweep from failed triangle and a spin under sweep when the opponent posts up his far leg

I like the fact that he showed all the techniques from one guard position. This enables the student to really start experimenting the guard because he/she has a complete system to start with.

I asked a question during Q&A about how to defend when opponen underhooks you while you're playing deep half guard. I've tried the reptilian sweep numerous times (from Glover's dvd) but I usually get stuck. He said that I should try not to let him isolate the arm by holding on to pants if I can while going for his sleeve with my hand that is hugging his leg. Once I get a sleeve grip on his underhooking arm, I can push it to the outside (over his trapped leg) to off-balance him severely.

Note to self: I really have 2 good little techniques that I've picked up during past 2 months that I should film. They are a mounted triangle escape and a way to counter posture defense against a triangle attempt

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