Training trip to California part 2: Tried to wrestle :)

On Monday, I did my best to train as much as possible. Did a midday gi class and a five o'clock nogi class

The gi class consisted of arm bar setups and details from closed guard. Although the techniques were somewhat basic, the armbar from bottom has recently been neglected by me. I actually remember having a phase approx. 2 years ago when I caught people with it. Must have been because I was actually going for it and keeping it tight instead of thinking about going for it.

Despite my knowledge that many Americans have high school or college wrestling experience, I decided to also join the 5 o'clock nogi class run by Sean. We did some takedowns from 2-on-1 control and arm-in guillotines from closed guard. I have to say this might be the best instruction I have received on nogi takedowns. For the first time ever, I was figuring how to react to combinations of stances (your's and your opponent's) when you have the 2-on-1. To understand what I am trying to explain here is a quick verbal breakdown.

Control: Grab cross wrist and grab elbow with same side hand. Keep your head pressing on his shoulder, high enough so that it won't be pushed down. Keep your leg in front on the side on which you have the control. Move in a circular manner towards his back, which forces him to constantly square up with you.

1. If opponent insist on keeping stance so that his leg on the control is the front leg, do a kata guruma (fireman's wheel) on his front leg by getting your head under his arm.

2. If opponent starts to square up with you by stepping his back leg aggressively towards you and squaring his stance, you can go for a double so that your head goes to his far side. This must be executed during the step forward.

3. If opponent completely switches the stance, go for a sweeping single leg on the far leg

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