Pulled side mount in the mundials today, other Finns did slightly better

As I am currently driving up and down the west coast of California, I also decided to train at locations on my way and yes, compete in the mundials as well. I spent some time training in Santa Barbara at Paragon, which was great (wanted to go to Cobrinha's too but didn't want to stay in L.A) and I will tell how it went in the next few days. However, today was my first big event ever.

To be honest, I didn't really have time to prepare for mundials because I was moving and it took me couple of weeks to get settled. Anyways, I was just what the hell and signed up.

My division was scheduled to start at 15.30 and I went there at around 2 o'clock. I had just enought time to sit down for a few matches and start warming up. Getting to the mats was hell as you had to wait quite some time in crowded competitors areas. I was also going to compete in my comfortable Shoyoroll but the guy checking the gis turned it down for some reason. A lot of people were turned down for belt colour details and gi sizes etc. I was given only 5 minutes to change the gi and luckily made it back in time after stripping in the audience.

The previous fight on my mat had Christiane Cyborg competing in the finals of womens' purple belt heavyweight, which meant there was a lot of attention on that mat and I started to feel some pressure. The Finnish girl she was up against was able to defend well enough to not let Cybort submit her, which is feat in itself in my book.

Then my fight began, and I was up against a Lloyd Irvin competitor.I had a plan of playing butterfly because he didn't look too big. I managed to time my guard pull really poorly and basically pulled side mount. This is very ironic, because just this week I've been told that pulling guard from standing and the grip fight should be trained more (and I did for a bit). I just timed it really poorly (could have probably pulled closed).

He was there on top of me and immediately tried to kimura me, but I managed to hid my arm. To my own surprise, I remained fiarly calm although I was 3 points down.´He tried to reach for my far arm but I started pushing on his tricep during his attempt to try to get back to guard. This didn't fully work but got a chance to turtle up. He was there and I noticed he posted his leg up so I rolled and got to his back side where he turned to my butterfly guard.

I started looking for a hook sweep but he did a crazy move and tried to jump into mount. I stopped it and thought this is my chance and went for x-guard but he quickly did another one and landed in my half guard. This is where he was able to secure the kimura mouse trap (unfortunately I already hurt my left shoulder on Tuesday) and I tried to put my arm straight and fight against the arm bar attempt by sweeping him over with the hook and pant grip. Didn't happen this time and he got the tap. In my defense, he did the exact same kimura thing to his next opponent. Glad I went for the experience and I will be back next year..

Here is the match in question

Some Finnish fighters, including Esa Rintala of Takado and Hannu Karjalainen of BJJ Center managed to place in their division (blue heavy bronze and purple heavy silver) which is a huge achievement!

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