Picked up an extra Shoyoroll comp lite XII black

Shoyoroll made an in-person only release of Comp Lite in the Worlds yesterday. There were 100 of these made for the worlds, and I decided to wait in line for a ridiculous amount of time to get access to them. I guess this is the rarest Shoyoroll gi made. They were sold one per person but I happened to have my girlfriend in the line as well. I got an A3S (would like to maybe keep it myself) and an A2 (almost an A3 in other brands).

The gi is black with grey and yellow details. Basically a yellow seventh son theme. The pants are rip stop but feel sturdier than previous rip stops I've seen.

I will most likely put one on eBay today or tomorrow, unless someone I know etc. is interested. You can contact me at miika.rannikko@gmail.com.


  1. You did not get any Large Kurt Osiander T-Shirts by any chance?

    1. Might visit him this week end though

  2. No, sorry dude. They had a lot of them