Gi review: Shoyoroll Comp Lite XII

Overall impression and fabric

Had a good experience with Shoyoroll Count but as many gis, it ended up shrinking so I decided to try the A3S Comp Lite instead. The gi was huge when I tried it on, but as I new from previous experience (my Ouano with rip stop pants shrank a whole size), it has already shrank substantially so I can wear it to training (I am 5.11 or 182 cm). The positive thing is that it will be competition legal for a long time.

There are basically three new SYR Comp lite gis available (black/yellow, white/red and the blue/red Uniblue). The problem in getting one (outside Ebay) is that they are, as normal, sold out and only 100 were made of colour scheme. However, I anticipate that the Shoyoroll light fabric will be used in future gis as well, making this review worth while.

Being a competition gi, the jacket is very light. There are no exact details revealed on the fabric but the weight can not be more than 450gr (or even less). It seems to be a pearl weave. The jacket is super soft but sturdy compared to most light weight jackets I've tried on. I am now training in hot weather and the gi feels great and doesn't crack open my skin. This in turn helps against skin infections etc.

The pants are rip stop pants, which in my opinion is a shame because SYR cotton pants are perhaps the best gi pants out there. Of course, rip stops are slightly lighter. For rip stops, these ones are pretty good though, as they don't have the "shine" of Atama mundials and some other rip stops
The fit and sizing

The gi has probably the longest pants I've ever owned. Fortunately they shrink quite a bit, and the process is still on-going. As you can see, the A3S is designed for tall lanky guy but I can make it my size by washing in hot weather and actually have a longer life for that than an A2 (being 5.11 and 184 pounds) Another option would be to get an A3 and hope the wideness will shrink. So, please not that A3S is longer than A3.

Measurements of my own gi (please notice that these were taken after 5 washes)

Key issues with fit

- The pants are super slim and long. If you're like that, they are one the best options out there
- The jacket is very slim fit. It resebles and A3 Keiko Raca with longer sleeves (at least for now)

For consistency, I compare the fit to Gameness Pearl again. Both gis are size A3 (SYR being a slim). The sleeves are much longer but still slimmer and have a narrower cuff. They are roughly as wide from the gut..

The pants really have a lot less room around the behind and thigh areas. Again, not for people who have really strong legs or short legs. The pant legs are clearly longer than in the Gameness A3. The pant width is similar


The jacket has good stiching, but there clearly are issues with the pants..

The collar is slightly thicker than Gameness. Although it is thicker, it feels softer and easier to twist.

The sleeve cuff length is 17,2 cm. This is super narrow for a gi this size. Only other gis that compare are the Atama ones..

The pant chord is pretty much the same as the Ouano Competition gi and other SYRs have. It is the bungee cord style but really doesn't come undone.


+ Jacket fabric is really comfortable and light

+ Slim size is a nice touch but it has really long pant legs

+ Nice colour scheme
- Rip stop pants have stiching issues

- Lack of new design apart from side patches

Overall grade 9-/10


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