Gi review: Ouano Premium Competition gi

Overall impression and fabric

Decided to do a review on the Ouano Premium Competition Light Gi this time. I heard of Ouano the first time approx 5 years ago when Demian Maia was wearing one in his seminar. It had the old design of a green bodybuilder man with a circle "O" on the sleeve. Looked really cool. Here is what the old logo looked like

After that Ouano made the 99 gi and after that the started experimenting with new designs such as the Premium Competition Gi. The gi comes in three different colour schemes and I am reviewing the black gi with green stiching (others being the white gi with orange stiching and blue gi with yellow stiching)

As the name suggests, this gi is clearly designed for competition, it has a fairly light and tight fitting top and very light rip stop pants. The fabric of the jacket is a 450 gram pearl weave, so the weight corresponds to for example most Shoyoroll's and roughly the Gameness feather gi at 475 grams. The collar is made of EVA foam and is covered with rip stop fabric. The gi has a nice Ouano patch on the chest. When I say nice, I mean I didn't tear it off.

Although the jacket fabric is similar to for example SYR Count in weight, it is much coarser after washing than the SYR, Gameness or Atama single weave for that matter. Although I don't like course fabric (who likes a Krugans rubbing against the skin?) the Ouano jacket is at least rock sold and I don't see it breaking down.

The pants are rip stop pants, and probably the thinnest and lightest rip stops I've ever encountered. The pants have some enbroidery low on the pant leg but it is totally competition legal.

The fit and sizing
I found Ouano's sizing chart to be very exact. However, I think the gi and the pants shrank a lot although their website says different. Anyways, I don't mind the gi shrinking because at the end the sizing was spot on.

Measurements of my own gi (please notice that these were taken after many many washes)

Key issues with fit
- The pants are made quite slim and remind me a bit of Shoyoroll A3S rip stop pants. If you have thick legs, these are not the pants for you

- The jacket is of fairly slim fit design as well. Even the sleeves are narrow but quite long for an A3 gi.

I decided to compare the gi to the Gameness Pearl because they are both competition gis with rip stop pants although the Gameness is slightly heavier. Comparing the jackets we see that the Gameness has shorter but wider sleeves. The helm of the Gameness is also longer

The pants really have a lot less room around the behind and thigh areas. Again, not for people who have really strong legs or short legs. The pant legs are clearly longer than in the Gameness A3

Details First of all, the stiching on the gi is pretty much immaculate. No loose strings or crooked lines anywhere.

The collar thickness is similar to most rip stop collars I've seen. But because the fabric is harder, the collar might be slightly more difficult to manipulate than the Gameness rip stop collar

The sleeve cuff length is 17,3 cm which is on the narrower side of sleeves. Very fitting for a competition gi

The pant chord was pretty ridiculous when I got the gi. Had to cut like a meter of it. This would be ok, but the chord might start to come undone if I didn't put a big knot on it. It kinda reminds me of a bungee cord, but stays tied pretty well actually.

+ The gi is light and slim which means it kinda delivers what it promises

+ High quality stiching

- Material a bit too coarse for my liking. Might work better with people who wear rash guards under the gi

- Weird pant chord

- Had to shrink the gi first

I'd maybe go for SYR with rip stop pants. On the other hand, the stiching quality on the SYRs might be worse depending on the batch. Also, if you need a gi now..

If you think this gi is cool (which it kinda is), just watch me lose in the mundial wearing this gi which takes a bit of the coolness away :). Might save you some money

Overall grade 8+/10

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  1. Hi, I was wondering how the gi held up? I recently came across one of these for sale. In A3 do you think it would fit someone 5'10" and 185ish?