Surfing today

Surfing went good today at Guincho beach with our instuctor Brian. He is originally from South Africa but has been in Portugal for quite some time. I can really recommend his school and you can find it at:


The waves were just the right size for me (= small enough, not 4 meters high). I was able to paddle and catch a decent number of waves by realising the importance of arching your back when the wave hits you in the back. Balance seemed ok today as well. In any case, surfing is great for developing balance and overall fitness. The other alternative for this morning would probably have been for me to sleep in late (not good for balance or even fitness).

Surfing is fun but one problem is that surfboards apparently cost around 600 if you buy them new and they're really hard to transport. Probable have to continue keep on renting...

Oh, and one last thing. I've really come to a conclusion that cross-country skiing is not really fun at all. People just do it, when it is the only thing you can do outside.

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