Sean and Paragon guys are putting out a instructional website called Jiujitsupedia

While training here in Santa Barbara. Sean Apperson told me that he and the rest of Paragon (including at least Franjinha and Jeff Glover) are also introducing an instructional website soon. It has a ton of instructionals filmed during past years. What I like about the site that unlike Marcelo's etc., it doesn't cater to a single style of jiu jitsu, but shows a lot of different guards, passing styles and takedown styles already. It also has more than basic techniques and does not only cater to beginners.

The site will have also visiting instructors such as NCAA wrestler, black belt judokas etc.

As I understand, the website is officially launched soon, but you can see what it is about and look at some free techniques:

Go to Jiujitsupedia

Nice takedown from 2-on-1. We went through some 2-on-1 nogi techniques today and I must say the wrestling teaching is really top notch here because so many people have high school or college wrestling experience

Go to 2-on-1 takedown

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