First few days of training in Portugal

Finally got the internet connection to my apartment..It has actually been surprisingly relaxing not having one for a while.

As I am already fairly settled here, I some training at the local academy of Vita jiu jitsu here in Cascais on Thursday and Friday. It is very nice having an academy at 10 minutes walking distance from home. I enjoyed training here a lot and liked the classes, although it can get very hot here. Even on the first, I got to roll with 3 brown belts and a black belt. On the second night there were 4 black belts on the mats.

The academy's lineage is Carlson Gracie and it is interesting to see that different back grounds lead schools to specialise in different types of techniques. We trained some butterfly guard this week and it is nice to notice that although this is a fairly familiar and common position for me to use, there are a million things to improve. For instance, I often made the mistake of having my hooking leg's knee inside my elbow, which leads me vulnerable to smashing my legs together and passing.

Here is a nice match from the main teacher of the academy:

I can get by with English but constantly try to learn some Portuguese (I think it happens almost automatically here in class).

Tomorrow should try surfing again..to improve balance maybe.

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